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Living in a property, such as San Jose Residencias, entails you and your family to a wide range of benefits. You get to live in a great community that places you near every place you need to go. You are surrounded by interesting people and get to know them as neighbors. Plus, you also have a set of amenities provided by the developers of this property to make your domestic life more exciting.

One of the amenities you can look forward to when you get a home in San Jose Residencias is its swimming pool. If you are one of the many folks in the country who’d like to swim every time the sun goes out, you’ll be glad to know you can do so with a residence in this property. This swimming pool is open for any resident anytime for their respective use.

The kids will also have a grand time when you relocate your home to this property. Children of all ages can spend their time having fun in a well-constructed playground. Parents and guardians need not worry because this playground is child-friendly and can accommodate their precocious nature. In this area, children can be with their peers and be themselves after a long day at school. Plus, there also several parks where anyone can just sit down and have a relaxing time.

We know gatherings are an occasion that cannot be missed. That’s why the developers of San Jose Residencias have included a clubhouse in this property to ensure you and your loved ones will have a place dedicated for your special occasion. You don’t need to go far and rent a restaurant to be in the company of the people you love. In fact, spending quality time with them over food is just minutes away from you. So the next time an important occasion pops up, you can be assured San Jose Residencias has the space you need without any trouble at all.

In all of this, your safety is of utmost importance in your life here at San Jose Residencias. This is the reason why a team of trained and experienced security officials and personnel are always around to make sure you get to live without fearing for your safety. This property has a number of security measures to ensure no unwanted person can break into your home and pose any danger to your loved ones or belongings. Furthermore, there is also a perimeter fence surrounding this property to effectively protect you and monitor any trace of criminals in the area.

Two of your most needed necessities, water and electricity, are always in supply to maintain the quality of your daily routine. Unlike other areas in the metro, a home in San Jose Residencias will never lack these two basic supplies. That’s because each building in this property has its own power and water tank system to ensure you can continue doing your tasks without any interruption.

These recreational and basic amenities are some of the many benefits residents in San Jose Residencias can take advantage of. With all of these benefits, you won’t have a hard time deciding on whether to get a home here or not.

  • Landscaped entrance gate and open areas
  • Clubhouse
  • Swimming pool
  • Parks and playground
  • 24-hour security service
  • Meralco power supply system
  • Overhead water tank for every building
  • Lobby for every building
  • Drying cages for every unit
  • With perimeter fence
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